Before I share some of my best ‘email secrets’ with you,
i’d like to talk a little bit about myself, because there’s
a good chance you have no idea who I am.

So why on earth should you take my advice, and why shouldn’t you just go and watch cat videos on Youtube instead?

Because i’ve done this for a long time.

I’ve done email marketing the wrong way, and i’ve done email marketing the right way.

So what kind of results can you expect by doing email marketing the wrong way?

Well, it depends (of course)

But generally, you’re looking at getting very few (if any) sales and you’ll be getting far more complaints than people thanking you.

Your open rates on your emails will depend on your niche,
if you’re in the Internet Marketing niche, you’ll be looking at a 1-5% open rate and 0.2-1% click through rate.

Let’s put it into perspective.

You have 10.000 people on your email list.

Let’s say 4% open your email. That’s 400 people.

Out of those 400 people, roughly 30-80 people
will click your link.

Do you see a problem here?

You’ve spent so much time and energy to build your email list,
but even though you have a list of 10.000, only 30-80 people
actually click the links in your emails.

Pretty crap, right?

Yeah you’ll get a sale here and there, but trust me,
a ‘dead’ list like this will not make you enough money
for you to quit your day job.

How to KILL your list instantly

So what is it that makes your list completely unresponsive?

What makes your subscribers completely ignore your emails,
or open them and then immediately just throw them away
without clicking any of your links?


Now, don’t get angry. It’s not your fault.

You see, most marketers, even the big ones, are doing things
the wrong way.

(At least the way I see it. And yes, i’ve been guilty of doing
this as well not too long ago, unfortunately. Lesson learned)

They send out promotion after promotion, without ever providing
any value to their list.

There are dozens, if not hundreds of new launches every single day
that marketers can promote. And that’s what many of them do.

Some people make a lot of money doing it as well,
so it’s not that strange that they keep doing it this way.

However, as I said..ultimately, this will result in a dead list.

This is a ‘churn and burn’ kind of strategy, and while it can make you
money, there are better ways…

How to get a highly responsive list

We’ve covered what NOT to do if you want a responsive list.

Now, what kind of results can you expect if you treat your list
the right way?

25-50% open rates, and 15-25% click through rate.

This makes a MASSIVE change in terms of people actually
opening/clicking your emails.

But, with that said, you won’t be able to constantly promote
products and keep your numbers this high.

If you want to get a highly responsive list, you’ll need to give
your subscribers what they want as well and not just
sell, sell, sell.

Give your subscribers cool stuff. If you find a good article
online, send them an email about it, and while I know your
fingers will be itching to add an affiliate link at the bottom of
the email, don’t do it.

Give, give, and give. And then sell.

When people trust you, they are much more likely to buy something from you.


Let’s say you and your friend has been trying to lose weight for a while.

You haven’t seen him/her in a couple of weeks.

Next time you see them, they look absolutely FANTASTIC.

If your friend were to tell you that they used xx product or did xx,
odds are, you’ll do the same thing.

Why? Because you trust your friend.

If I right now were trying to sell the same thing, you probably wouldn’t
buy it from me, because you may think i’m full of crap.

What it all comes down to is trust

When people start trusting you, you’re going to see a huge
spike in sales. People will thank you for sending them emails,
and they’ll even thank you when you are promoting stuff to them,
because they trust your opinion. If you promote something,
they know it’s good stuff.

Because unlike others, you consistenly give your subscribers
valuable things without asking for anything in return,
and that, in the end, is what’s going to make you wealthier than others.

Now, it’s up to you to choose what you want to do with this information.

Both ways are usually very profitable but in my honest opinion,
I would highly recommend you build a relationship with your list.

Yes, it will take a bit more time, but you will thank yourself for doing it.

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